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Skin Guru

Skin Guru means caring for us, for nature. The way we see and treat ourselves has a major impact on the way we treat and see others.

Learn to see beauty in everything around you, starting with you!

Skin Guru was born from the desire to make known skin and body care products that are really gentle and friendly to our skin. I also know how difficult it is to navigate a twisted menu of a site in search of the perfect cream, so I decided to make your job easier by creating the possibility to search for products according to your skin type or skin problems. We have carefully selected a range of products that have been created in an ethical way, that have not been tested on animals and that try to combine natural ingredients of the best quality suitable for even the most sensitive skin. If you want to read about the brands we are proud to have in our portfolio, I invite you to the “Our Brands” section to discover each one.


Skin care has always been a priority for me because I have sensitive skin that does not tolerate most cosmetic ingredients.
I remember that over the years I tried a lot of products that either excessively dried my skin, irritated it, or caused allergic reactions. I started researching the ingredients in cosmetics, to find out where I am wrong in my care ritual, what is causing me problems and what ingredients are gentle on my skin. The real challenge came only then, when I wanted to buy these products. Hours wasted on sites reading endless lists of ingredients, the difficulty of easily finding something to suit my skin type.

Andrada – Founder Skinguru


On www.skinguru.ro you will not waste time reading the ingredients of the products, because we have already done this for you. With the exception of the “Guilty pleasure” range, which represents our fragrant range, you will only find products without the potential for skin irritation. No parabens, no essential oils, no synthetic ingredients, no harmful condoms, no volatile alcohol, skin care will no longer be a problem.

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